Intec employees and owners are passionate about thinking beyond today to develop the right insulation equipment to meet our customers' needs. We approach innovation from a usability perspective and always look at functionality, ergonomics and total ease of use. When we introduced FORCE/2 to the market, Intec became the first insulation equipment manufacturer to obtain a general patent since the 1940s.

Our innovative approach to design and engineering launched a new category of small, high production, portable insulation machines that lead today's insulation market. In fact, since Intec began in 1977, we have remained market leaders by introducing improvements such as:

  • rotational molding
  • vacuum motors
  • airlock seals, custom molded
  • variable speed blower control 
  • direct drive transmission
  • tilt back hopper
  • independently supported vacuum impellers
  • user configurable vacuum inlets

Intec develops custom equipment solutions for manufacturers and end users, both inside and outside of the insulation industry. All equipment designed and engineered by Intec is tested and evaluated to create the utmost in quality. From innovative machinery to accessories that improve productivity, Intec is ready to collaborate and innovate with you. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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