~ CPO models available ~

Our FORCE/1 package processes up to 970 lbs of cellulose or 350 lbs of fiberglass per hour and weighs 177 lbs.  The durability of this unit is enhanced with urethane seals, a direct drive transmission, and polyethylene construction which resists dents & dings, allowing for an attractive system appearance over years of use.  This system provides ease of transportation to the job site in addition to timely installation of attic insulation – either cellulose or fiberglass -- at 3/4 of an hour for R-19 in a 1,000 square foot attic.

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What our customers say...

"A week ago our FORCE/1 machine was out on a job & wasn't working correctly so I called Bill in Tech Support. He knew exactly what my the problem was and how to fix it! He even gave his cell number if I had any more questions. Then when I needed to order the parts, and didn't have a part number, Jason in Parts was very helpful. Both employees went above and beyond to help me get the parts I needed. They are both very good at what they do and I just want them to be recognized for this.

Our FORCE/1 machine is 15 years old and still going strong! We rarely have to put parts into and the customer love it!
Thanks for the great customer service! We love Intec and our FORCE/1 machine."

Marisa from rental location in MI