December 2016

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  • Intec becomes Corporate Member of New York State Weatherization Directors Associ
    Posted: 12/20/2016
    Intec becomes Corporate Member of New York State Weatherization Directors Association (NYSWDA)

    "Intec is excited to become a NYSWDA Corporate member. We have worked with Matt Redmond and the NYSWDA team since 2008 to determine how best to assist NYSWDA's members. By taking our NYSWDA relationship to an increased level of partnership thru the Corporate Membership, Intec looks forward to increasing the value we provide NYSWDA, as well as its members, trainees and other associated contacts."
    Ray Lavallee, President, Intec.

    Since 1977, both professional contractors and do-it-yourself equipment users have looked to Intec as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, portable, professional-grade high output insulation blowing equipment. We constantly review what our customers need, and combine this information with our R&D to enhance our product line.

    The right system for your needs
    From our popular FORCE branded blowing machines, to our VORTEC extraction vacuums, Intec strives to provide our customers with the best combination of portability, functionality, and installation versatility to surpass their desired success. All of Intec's durable systems and accessories are made to minimize your down time and maximize your profit generating potential while providing exceptionally high returns on your investment.

    Since its inception in 1985, New York State Weatherization Directors Association (NYSWDA) has made it a priority to be the 'go-to' resource for information, technical training, and best practices in the home performance industry.

    NYSWDA is the leading provider of building sciences training in New York and many New England states. Our facilities, in Syracuse, Buffalo, and Troy, NY, are designed to integrate classroom training and laboratory exercises providing field technicians an exceptional learning experience. Our trainers are subject matter experts with years of field and classroom experience.

    Jason Brown
    Phone: 303-833-6644 ext: 105

    Drew Ehrlich
    Phone: 518-690-0494 ext: 25

  • $1,000 up-fit credit w/ FORCE 5280 purchase thru Feb 28, 2017
    $1,000 up-fit credit w/ FORCE 5280 purchase thru Feb 28, 2017

    FORCE 5280

    Posted: 12/18/2016
    $1,000 up-fit credit with each FORCE 5280 purchase thru Feb 28, 2016. For all customer orders placed prior to February 28, 2017, Intec will provide a $1,000 credit that can be used towards:
    - wireless upgrade
    - FORCE 5280 accessories including blow hose,
    - offsetting delivery fees, or even
    - purchase of another Intec blowing machine, vacuum, or accessory.

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