July 2013

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  • Intec Increases Production rates for Cyclone & FORCE/1 Systems
    Posted: 7/7/2013
    July 1, 2013 - Denver CO: Intec has made it easier for small contractors and DIY'ers (Do-It-Yourselfers) to insulate their attics. By increasing the insulation production rates of Intec's popular Cyclone (over 25% rate increase) and FORCE/1 (over 78% rate increase) insulation blowing machines, a user can insulate an attic in 1 hour or less with the Cyclone, and 3/4ths of an hour with the FORCE/1.

    "We constantly review new technologies to increase the value and capabilities of our blowing machines" said Don Powell - Engineering & Project leader at Intec. Cyclone production rates are currently 970 lbs per hour with cellulose, and 255 lbs per hour with fiberglass. FORCE/1 production rates are currently 970 lbs per hour cellulose, and 350 lbs per hour fiberglass.

    Intec has manufactured quality portable insulation machines used by contractors and retailers since 1977. Its innovative approach to design and engineering launched a new category of small, high production, portable insulation machines that lead today's insulation market. Intec is passionate about continuing to develop the right insulation equipment to meet customer needs, and its designers approach innovation from a usability perspective, looking at functionality, ergonomics and total ease of use. Since Intec began, it has remained a market leader by introducing improvements such as rotational molding, vacuum motors, custom molded airlock seals, variable speed blower control and direct drive transmission.

    Adding R19 to a 1,000 square foot attic.