Intec introduces TURBO FORCE to ACI National Convention Attendees

Posted: 5/5/2013

Intec Introduces TURBO FORCE to ACI National Convention Attendees

April 30 - May 2, Denver CO

Denver CO: Intec's TURBO FORCE will be on display during ACI's National Convention in both Service Partners' and Intec's booths. With its revolutionary design, IQA (Intec Quick-Access) features, and impressive production rates with all fibers for all applications, the TURBO FORCE has increased installers' capabilities and return on investment since its October 2012 release.

Feature highlights are the following:
-Two versions of Intec's TURBO FORCE are available: the standard TURBO FORCE (one blower) and the TURBO FORCE hP3 (two blower model). The advantage of the two blower system is even higher productivity, higher performance and higher power than the very capable standard TURBO FORCE.

-Wall fill - both dense pack and behind netting -- is extremely fast and efficient reducing installation time and allowing installers to maximize their return on assets.

-Attic fill rates of up to 2,475 lbs/hr for cellulose and 900 lbs/hr for fiber glass.

-Distance product is thrown from the end of hose ranges from 10-17 feet from the end of the hose -- install from fewer positions within the attic.

-Revolutionary IQA simplifies routine maintenance and repairs providing years of trouble free service.

-Industrial wireless remote control & wired control options.

-Powered by easily accessible 15 amp circuits.

-Large hopper - 17 cubic feet hopper -- allows up to 3 bags of cellulose or 1 bag of fiberglass for enhanced crew sequencing and lower labor costs.

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