Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles

Combatt nozzle 2"-2.5"-3"
The Combatt series is the original 2 jet nozzle designed for applying cellulose wall spray.  These nozzles have enabled many contractors to successfully spray cellulose, fiberglass, and stonewool on various substrates since the 1980’s.



Combatt nozzle 2"- 2.5" -- adjustable
The adjustable Combatt nozzle provides the user flexibility in altering the tip distance from the end of nozzle to fine-tune desired spray pattern intersection point for wetting fibers.




JM SPIDER PLUS HDNSpecially designed to work with JM's SPIDER fiber to provide maximum R-value in 2' X 4' or 2' X 6' construction.  The fanned end with internal elements sprays the fiber evenly as if you were painting.  The high pressure hoses and stainless steel tips handle the 900psi + requirements for JM Spider installation.  Handles and quick on / off nozzle provide for precise application.

JM SPIDER UTILITYJM Spider utility nozzle
The JM SPIDER PLUS utility nozzle smaller stature enables application in tight to reach places like closets, corners in small rooms, etc.  


OptiSpray 2.5

OptiSpray nozzle
2" & 2-1/2" inlets
Enhance your damp spray speed of installation by increasing application precision & reducing overspray with Intec’s OptiSpray Nozzle.  Unique spray pattern evenly distributes fibers providing application precision for walls and overhead, while obtaining low install densities saving you installation time and material costs.   Less overspray means less scrubbing & recycling.   All aimed at increasing your profit.


Low Density Spray Nozzle
The Low Density Spray Nozzle  delivers a pattern perfect spray for both wall spray and spray on, while minimizing product density meaning lower targeted R-value and lower material cost. The unique design and shape dramatically reduces recycling compared to other spray nozzles.



Spray Tips
Intec offers a full line of spray tips.