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Customer Testimonials: 

 "Been doing this (installing loose fill insulation) 37 yrs. and the machine is fantastic!!!!!!"
Dennis, New England Insulation 

"Nothing like insulating a small house's entire attic from the attic entrance!" 
Cale Hyer, Owner OK Insulators.

"I am a thermal/acoustic sprayer.  We recently purchased a TURBO FORCE HP2 from you guys. After experimentation with the machine, I have figured out how to get a consistent flow and I must say I am very impressed with the machine.  After using electric blowing machines made by Intec's competitor for 5 years, the TURBO FORCE hP3 is certainly a big change -- I will definitely not use a machine from your competitor after using the Intec's TURBO FORCE".  Ben

Revolutionary tilt back design allows easy access.                             "Patent Pending"
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Intec's TURBO FORCE provides users with production rates similar to truck mount systems, with the performance and precision of an Intec portable system.  Three versions are available:
 · TURBO FORCE HP with single blower,
 · TURBO FORCE HP2 with 2 high-powered blowers, and the
 · TURBO FORCE HP MAX with 2 high powered blowers and 3,200 lbs per hour cellulose and 1,200 lbs per hour fiberglass.


These units have it all for the demanding professional.  Large 15 cubic foot hopper & large loading platform, dual agitation for aggressive feed and proper material conditioning, impressive production with best-in-class wall fill rates, and Intec Quick-Access design features – including revolutionary tilt-back design -- to keep your uptime at a maximum.   
Select the version that is best for your business.

Machines runs on easy to find 120V power, havw a large 15 cu ft. hopper, built in wheels, and offer the GOWIRELESS industrial wireless remote.

Time is money, and the revolutionary Intec Quick-access IQA™ allows more productive time for you & your crew. Read more about it on the brochure below.