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Videos are organized as follows:

1.  FORCE® Insulation Blowing Machines

2. VORTEC® vacuums

3.  Other Equipment

4.  General Machine Information


FORCE Insulation Blowing Machines

in order from large to small


1.  System Overview
2.  Initial Set-up
3.  Maintenance
4.  Recycle Hood Operation



FORCE 5150 Introduction Video


TURBO FORCE logo        


Operation Videos
Assembly in-process
TURBO FORCE electrical component operation
System Controls Rev: July 2017

Wireless Videos
Wireless: Re-syncing the transmitter with the receiver
Wireless: Increase the transmission range by (1) changing the frequency, or (2) changing the battery.



FORCE/2 DSL (Damp Spray Cellulose)
Airlock Seal replacement pre-work
History showing systems over time; views of other systems
Set-up:  plug in, panel settings, turn on -- simply & easy to use
Troubleshooting Electrical Panel
Troubleshooting Electrical Panel - Part 2
Quality Review w HP Blower

FiberForce std and tall hopper

Operation Videos
Intec:  FiberForce Operation Video w/ cellulose & fiberglass
FiberForce (français) Operation Video - Standard & Tall Hopper
Johns Manville: FiberForce Operation Video with AtticProtector
Knauf Insulation Blowing Machine Video with EcoFill
McCoy's BuildingSupply FiberForce Operation Video

Wireless Videos
Wireless:  Re-syncing the transmitter with the receiver.
Wireless:   Increase the transmission range by (1) changing the frequency, or (2) changing the battery. 


Cyclone Operation Video


VORTEC High-Powered Vacuums

in order from large to small - gas


 VORTEC CANNON featuresVORTEC CANNON - now 18hp & packed with value

VORTEC VOLT 440 logo
360 Overview

VORTEC Accessories  VORTEC accessories

Popular VORTEC Accessories


Other Equipment


HP Fluid Delivery System
HP Fluid Delivery System Overview
Fluid Delivery System - how it works

Hose Connectors - Swivel & Economy
Hose Connectors - Swivel & Economy - Intec's Proprietary Long-lasting Urethane Swivel Hose Connector & Economy Hose Connectors

General Machine Info

Airlock Rotor -- Overview, airlock seal direction, how they work using a FORCE/2's as an example.
Airlock Seals-- Why Intec's are the industry's longest lasting.
Intec's Insulation Conditioning 101 -- variables & items to check to obtain desired coverage with loose fill insulation.
Velcro Straps -- how to utilize when securing Intec's Long Range Transmission wireless transmitter