Certified Pre-Owned

Special Pricing on Intec's Demonstration & Rental Fleet of VORTEC high-powered vacuums.
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Intec sells our demonstration and rental vacuums.  Each is carefully reviewed, painted (majority are powder coated), and sold with many new parts.  Most of the time all parts are new with exception of the engine which is gently used with hours typically in the 20 hour to under 95 hour range.   

Each Certified Pre-Owned vacuum is warranted and sold on a first-come basis.

Frame types vary:
  •  lift frame
  • removable & reversible handle (pictured)
Engine types vary:
  • HONDA GX V-Twin 660
  • HONDA GX V-Twin 690
Call for pricing and selection -- quantities limited. 

part #:  74000 RR CPO & 74000 Beast CPO 

 rear view

top side view