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  • Do you have videos or manuals that I can reference?
    Yes, videos are uploaded on our YouTube Channel (@intecmachines) and brochures and manuals are located on our website.
  • What type of power do I need to operate my Intec insulation blowing machine?
    1 single 15 amp 120VAC circuit fpr Fiber Force, Cyclone and FORCE/1. 2 separate 15 amp 120VAC circuits for the FORCE/2 HP, FORCE/3 HP, STORM FORCE HP, and TURBO FORCE HP. 3 separate 15amp 120VAC circuits for the FORCE/3 HP2 & TURBO FORCE HP2. 3 separate 120VAC circuits, 2-15amp and 1-15amp for the TURBO FORCE HP MAX.
  • What type of oil do I use in my Intec machine?
    5W-30 synthetic oil, for the FORCE/2 and FORCE/1. All other models do not require maintenance on the transmission.
  • How often should I replace my airlock seals?
    Every 300 hours or once a year unless damaged.
  • Why is material blowing up into the hopper?
    This is an indication of damage in the airlock or worn airlock seals. See the maintenance section of the operator’s manual supplied with your machine for additional information on how to fix damage or worn airlock seals.
  • Do you sell parts for blower motors?
    The blower motor is sold as a complete unit with the exception of the brushes, which can be purchased separately.
  • How often should I replace brushes in my blower motor?
    Brushes should last over 800 hours depending on machine maintenance. Inspect and clean your blower motor(s) regularly, especially if you notice a lack of power or if you are operating in extremely confined or dusty condition.
  • Why do I get shocked while blowing insulation?
    Static charge is a natural by-product of material creating friction as it moves through the hose. See the troubleshooting section of the operator’s manual supplied with your machine for additional tips.
  • Can I run the FORCE/2 machine from the electrical panel without the remote connected?
    No, the remote (or a bypass plug) must be connected for it to operate.
  • Can I run cellulose or fiberglass in all of your machines?
    Yes, if your machine has a slide gate, it is designed to blow cellulose and fiberglass. However, if your unit does not have a slide gate, it is designed for fiberglass only.
  • Do low temperatures affect the performance of my machine?
    If the unit is stored in an unprotected environment, extreme cold conditions will affect the transmission and agitator operation. Change the oil type in the gearbox (transmission) or store the machine in a heated area to keep the gearbox oil warm.
  • My machine has separate switches for the blower and agitator. Does it matter in what order I operate them?
    Yes, it is best when operating your machine to start with the blower, then the agitator. When shutting off the machine, stop the agitator first - followed by the blower.
  • Can I dense pack walls with all Intec machines?
    Yes, the D.O.E. (Department of Energy) requires a minimum outlet blower pressure of 2.9 for dense pack applications. Refer to your manual or call technical services at 800-666-1611
  • How do I measure the PSI on my machine?
    Intec offers two different pressure measuring devices which are used at the outlet of the machine. Please call technical services at 800-666-1611 for the best solution.
  • What is the recommended length of hose?
    Standard hose length is 100 feet for most applications. Shorter hose lengths may result in less conditioning of the material and possibly less coverage. Maximum length for most applications is 150ft for WASP, FORCE/2 and FORCE/3.
  • Does the blowing hose play a role in the conditioning of material?
    The hose actually plays a major role in the conditioning of material (up to 50%) and should be inspected regularly to make sure the ridges are pronounced and not worn smooth, which will affect performance and coverage. Intec recommends changing out the hose every 2-3 years for optimum performance and coverage.
  • What size hose do the Intec machines utilize?
    The FORCE/1, Cyclone and FiberForce all use 2.5-inch hose. The FORCE/2, FORCE/3 and WASP units all use 3-inch hose.
  • How do I know which machine would best fit my needs?
    We have a systems comparison on our website to help you determine which machine has the most appropriate features to meet the needs of your insulation project. It shows various features such as power requirements, portability, production rates, etc. Our customer service representatives are also available to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us anytime.
  • Are there any distributors in my area?
    Call an Intec representative at 800-666-1611.
  • Where can I go to see one of these machines?
    In many cases, our distributors do not stock our machines, but you may see them in action by going to the video section of our website.
  • Do you offer training?
    We do offer training packages that cover various insulating processes. We provide onsite training at our facility in Colorado or customized training at your location. You can access a brief overview of the trainings we offer on our website or you may call us and ask for customer service at 800-666-1611.
  • Where can I take my machine for service?
    We would like the opportunity to speak with you first to understand the issues you may be having. If we are unable to get you up and running, we do have a list of over 250 service centers nationwide that we can provide. Contact us to learn more.
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