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Intec has HAIL SALE PRICING for our cargo trailers that we utilize to modify into foam rigs. Hail blemishes are typically restricted to on one side & typically one portion of the V-nose – most are minor. These trailers have many uses: turnkey Blowing Machine Trailers, turnkey Vacuum Trailers, or use to upgrade your current spray foam trailer. We have a variety of V-Nose bumper pull trailers including:

  • 12’ with rear cargo doors,

  • 14’ with ramp,

  • 16’ with rear cargo doors, &

  • 20’ with rear cargo doors.

Please review the opportunities available by clicking this link, or call 303-833-6644 and a sales associate how best we can assist you. Trailers are priced at 33% - 43% off MSRP to provide high value.

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