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Introducing the VORTEC® MEGA Beast

Intec introduces the VORTEC® MEGA Beast, our most powerful VORTEC vacuum. With 25” impeller and standard 8” inlet and outlet, the VORTEC® MEGA Beast has production rates twice that of our VORTEC Beast. Powered by a Vanguard 35hp V-Twin (HONDA iGX for CA market), this vacuum provides contractors with efficiency opportunities including two users in attic with one vacuum, quick removal of settled & heavy insulation, and batt removal. Designed with ¼” thick abrasive resistant steel in wear areas and high-quality components to minimize maintenance and increase your ROI. Intec offers a full line of VORTEC MEGA Beast accessories to accelerate your profits.

Please call 303-833-6644 to determine how best Intec can assist you.

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