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When looking for a capable, versatile, Do-It-Yourself unit with a track record of rigorous use, look no further than Intec’s Cyclone.


Exceptional Performance

Intec’s highly portable and easy to use Cyclone insulation blowing machine simplifies Do-It-Yourselfers insulation activities. This simple to use system provides ease of transportation to the job site and timely installation of attic insulation – approximately ¾ hour to install R-19 cellulose and 1 hour to install R-19  fiberglass in a 1000 square foot attic.


Ease of Use

The system’s control panel and wired remote provide for ease of operation from either the unit or the attic.  Ease of transfer between retail location and jobsite is enabled by its small size & built-in wheels. Hose, connectors and clamps come standard -- everything

you need to begin using immediately.


Versatile Capabilities

The Cyclone comes equipped with a slide gate to control material flow -- providing its users sidewall retrofit capabilities in addition to attic installations.  Be it cellulose drill & fill, or fiberglass dense pack, this system can do-it-all.


Total Reliability

The powder coated exterior enables demanding use, while the automatic chain tensioner provides for high uptime capability.  Minimal maintenance, combined by support from Intec’s technical service team, provides for a system experience offering some of

the highest industry uptimes and lowest life-cycle costs.





    • Control panel and wired remote provide ease of operation from either unit or location of install.
    • Slide gate adds to application versatility.

    • Access panel simplifies maintenance.

    • Quick-Start Guide

      simplifies user’s experience

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