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Redesigned for enhanced value  |  HP2 = 2 blowers for more power


Durable & Dependable

Direct drive transmission, automatic chain tensioner, and industry exclusive long lasting urethane airlock seals enhance the system’s reliability to deliver years of trouble-free service.


Ease of Use

Built in handle & wheels, and nimble weight balance provide ultimate portability into your truck, trailer, and jobsite -- including thru standard door openings.  Simple to operate control panel and wired remote provide for ease of operation from either the unit or remotely.



Install cellulose, fiberglass, or stonewool in attics, damp spray, dense pack, drill & fill, and net & blow applications.


High Production Rates

20 minute install of R-19 cellulose, fiberglass or stonewool in a 1000 square foot attic is made possible by its high production rates.

  • celluloe production rates: 
    • 28 - 37 lbs per 
  • fiberglass production rates:
    • 11 - 15 lbs per minute



operational video


    • Intec’s urethane seals:
      • Long Life - Intec designs and casts our airlock seals out of urethane which last 2-3X longer than industry standard seals.
      • Higher Capabilities - Provides higher pressures & increased production rates over longer periods of time.
      • Longer Life - Longer life than industry standard seals means users benefit from high production with less maintenance.
    • Stainless steel airlock plates:
      • Provide long wear life vs. industry standard airlock construction.
    • Long lasting Blower:
      • Infinity brush technology with one-way valve to prevent insulation from coming into contact with blower combine to provide exceptionally long life.
    • Slide Gate:
      • Easy reach & quick pin setting let’s you quickly dial in your material flow.
    • Varible Speed Blowers:
      • Adjust blower flow to assist with wall fill applications.
    • Inlet Air Filters
      • Ensures clean air for blower intake and cooling to maximize blower life.
      • Easy access.
    • 10" wheels
      • Run Flat.
    • Direct-drive transmission  
      • Fewer moving parts provides longevity with little maintenance.

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