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When you want a machine as rugged as the Rocky Mountains…Intec's FORCE 5650®.


High return on investment

  • High Build Quality provides Reliable & Dependable operation…so you can focus on making $$$.


Highly versatile

  • Attics, BIBs, Spray-on;  Cellulose, Fiberglass, and Stone Wool.


Peak Performance

  • Intec Quick-Access features make it easy to adjust machine & perform routine maintenance.
    • Revolutionary quick-access airlock simplifies seal replacement and provides for optimal operation.

    • Advanced material feed & delivery system for consistent flow.


Application Approvals:

  • BIBS
  • Jet Spray Thermal
  • JM Spider PLUS


FORCE® - The Truck Mount Blowing Machine Brand that will change the industry standard



Video (using our Long Range Transmitter High Performance System with our FORCE 5650)

Installing Trailer / Truck Mount Machines

Turn Key Packages from Intec

FORCE 5650

    • Easy Access Gate with Large Handle & Pin setting for quick material flow adjustments.
    • Quick-Access Seals simplifies maintenance.
    • Hour meter on HONDA.
    • Air flow adjustment on control panel.
    • East to operate controls
      • control panel,
      • wired remote with Intec's exclusive urethane jacketed controls, or
      • OPTIONAL GOWIRELESS LRT/HP industrial grade wireless controls.
    • Large Hopper:
      • 49 cu ft.
      • Large loading platform.
      • Advanced Material Feed Delivers consistent product flow.
    • Blower Motor:
      • Oversized for long life & quiet operation.
      • Splash lubrication minimizes maintenance.
      • Back-flow preventer & pressure relief valve protect your investment.
    • Fresh Air Inlet kits provided for both motors to ensure clean filtered air enters:

      • blower motor.

      • Kohler's cooling fins.

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