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Intec’s GOWIRELESS LRT/HP wireless controls utilize the latest LINX technologies with best-in-class real-world range to provide responsive blowing machine controls. 




    • Transmitter
      • Small transmitter can be utilized on lanyard, belt clip, or in Intec’s protective jacket and attached to your arm or to hose.
      • Built in acknowledgement function via an LED provides visual indication of signal transmission.
    • Receiver
      • GOWIRELESS LRT/HP receiver-in-box plugs into blow machine’s remote control receptacle.
      • Magnets allow for ease of mounting on a steel surface with options being:
        • Blow machine steel section
        • Outside of box truck on steel section to enhance reception by obtaining signal outside of truck’s box
        • Any steel surface
      • The receiver-in-box can also be brought into building.  Beneficial when installing insulation in a large custom home, metal building, commercial building, and in general locations where you are far from blowing machine and desire to have precise response between transmitter and receiver.

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