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Intec’s proprietary line of hose connectors that swivel provide many benefits & opportunities to increase your productivity.


Freedom and Agility to move around

  • Reduces tangles and kinks.

Reduced user Fatigue

  • No longer fighting the hose

Longer Hose Life

  • Reducing kinks increases hose life

Simplify Hose Connections

  • Grooved sections easily fit into hose


  • Made out of long lasting urethane


Applications are many:

  • Attic insulation installs
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Wall fill applications
  • Car wash applications
  • Vacuuming
  • Many additional uses...


Intec tapered swivel reducer - how does it work?

  • The increased length due to the gradual taper allows the insulation material to slowly transition from one orifice size to another. The tapered swivel reducers will perform equally well with either cellulose or fiberglass material. Also, since these reducers are not made of steel, they will not build up rust which contributes to hose plugging issues.

Urethane Swivel Hose Connectors

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