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The "i" in the BEAST.

Intec introduces the VORTEC® iBEAST.

  • independently supported shaft removes stresses placed on Vanguard's 23hp engine & components.

  • integral vacSHIELD provides built-in benefits for vacuum and job site.

The VORTEC® iBEAST is designed for fast & profitable recycling of

spray applied insulation, removal of damaged insulation due to

fire, water, and smoke, retrofit activities, HVAC cleaning, and many additional uses.

The VORTEC® iBEAST comes with additional value-adders that have

made our VORTEC® vacuums one of the highest value vacuums on the market:

  • Oversized Impeller moves High Volumes of product

  • Abrasive Resistant Steel Impeller and Curved Section of Shroud for Long Life

  • Highly Portable design

  • Run Flat WHEELS

  • Powder coated

Click on the video to review features and benefits.

Please contact Intec at 303-833-6644 or to determine how best we can assist you. Thanks for you consideration.

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