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Complete Portability

The FiberForce’s two piece design, light weight, and built in handles and wheels provide the ability to transport in almost any vehicle and access any jobsite.  The removable hopper has a hinged shelf to simplify product loading while minimizing aisle and transportation space requirements. 


High Production Rates

One hour install of R-19 cellulose or fiberglass in a 1500 square foot attic is made possible by its high production rates. 


Ease of Use

The wireless remote enables operation from the installation location without the requirement of taking a cord with you.


Determine which Hopper size is best for your business:

1. Standard

  • Smaller footprint.

  • Enhanced portability.

  • Smaller opening can fit 1/2 bag of fiberglass.   Cellulose bag will not fit; will need to be hand broken down.

2. Tall

  • Increased hopper capacity.

  • Larger working platform.

  • Larger opening can fit bag of cellulose.





    • Two piece polyethylene construction enhances portability.
      • hopper removes from base w/in minute.
    • Quick-Connect hose.
    • Quick-clean filter & access panels simplify maintenance.

    • Fold-down shelf provides generous loading platform.

    • Industrial grade wireless remote compliments ease of operation.

    • Slide Gate adds to application versatility.

    • 10" wheels
      • Run Flat.
      • Recessed - provides access thru door ways.
    • Slide Gate:
      • Easy reach & quick pin setting let’s you quickly dial in your material flow.
    • Intec’s urethane seals:
      • Long Life - Intec designs and casts our airlock seals out of urethane which last 2-3X longer than industry standard seals.
      • Higher Capabilities - Provides higher pressures & increased production rates over longer periods of time.
      • Longer Life - Longer life than industry standard seals means users benefit from high production with less maintenance.
    • Stainless steel airlock plates:
      • Provide long wear life vs. industry standard airlock construction.

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