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Professional Grade – High Performance to meet Contractors’ Demands


Easy to find power: 

  • 2-15amp 115V circuits
    • 1 for blower
    • 1 for agitator


High pressure provides fast & efficient dense pack

  • Powerful 2-stage blower combined with one-way valve provides many capabilities with high volume, high pressure, and long-life


Twist-Lock electrical receptacles

  • Hold cord in place
  • Use with Intec’s heavy duty 12/3 power cords or your own


High Production*

  • Cellulose:  30 – 40 lbs per min
  • Fiberglass:  9 – 11 lbs per min

* testing per ASTM C519 standards


FORCE/2 HP brochure


  • Intec’s FORCE/2  HP  comes with these industry leading components on which it has built its reputation for durability and reliability:

    • Polyethylene construction: 
      • rust-free
      • dent free
      • lightweight, and
      • extremely durable.
    • Intec’s urethane seals: 
      • Long Life - Intec designs and casts our airlock seals out of urethane which last 2-3X longer than industry standard seals.
      • Higher Capabilities - Provides higher pressures & increased production rates over longer periods of time.
      • Longer Life - Longer life than industry standard seals means users benefit from high production with less maintenance.
    • Stainless steel airlock plates: 
      • Provide long wear life vs. industry standard airlock construction.
    • Direct-drive transmission: 
      • Fewer moving parts provide longevity with little maintenance.
    • Long lasting Blower: 

      • Infinity brush technology with one-way valve to prevent insulation from coming into contact with blower combine to provide exceptionally long life.

    • Slide Gate:
      • Easy reach & quick pin setting let’s you quickly dial in your material flow.
    • Varible Speed Blowers:
      • Adjust blower flow to assist with wall fill applications.

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