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Accelerate insulation removal profitability with Intec’s VORTEC® twin TURBO!  


Can be used with all vacuums on inlet or outlet.



Enables two team members to vacuum using one vacuum.




Eliminate bag change-out delays.  Fill bag A.  Once bag A is full, divert to filling bag B while changing out bag A...all the while keeping your vacuum running and individual(s) in the attic removing insulation. 


WIth typical house requiring 7 - 10 bags, and typical bag change-out time being 5-10 minutes savings are in excess of 1/2 hour per house.



Video (start at 1:25)


  • Long lasting stainless steel gates to divert product while providing flexibility in your operation to maximize efficiencies & savings.

    Handle to assist with portability.

    6" tubes can fit any vacuum using 6" hose.  

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