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Electric high-powered vacuum designed for the needs of many industries!


Intec’s VORTEC® family of high-powered vacuums offer high productivity with robust engineering to provide the highest value vacuum in today’s market.  Gas or Electric – we got you covered.


The VORTEC VOLT 220 is quiet, exhausts no fumes, and can be powered by a single dryer outlet.  The VOLT 220 vacuum provides for profitable HVAC cleaning, recycling of spray applied insulation, removal of damaged insulation due to fire, water, and smoke, lawn & garden cleanup … the uses and markets are endless!


  • Easy to use – Plug into standard 220V – 30amp circuit, or utilize dryer outlet adaptor (optional) when powering from standard home.
  • Variable Frequency Drive ensures smooth powering up and efficient operation.




  • Impeller

    • 16” diameter oversized to move large volumes of air & insulation
    • Abrasive Resistant steel = long life
    • Independently supported with break-away coupler to extend engine life
    • Precision balanced


    • Efficient 3-phase electric motor
    • Sealed motor area with inlet air filters limit fibrous particles from entering electric motor & Variable Frequency Drive to minimize maintenance and extend life
    • Easy to use controls simplify operation
    • Optional dryer plug conversion enables use of power from a home’s 3 or 4 prong dryer receptacle


    • Highly Portable
    • Handle – removable and reversible
    • Thick gauge steel with 2X thick AR steel in shroud’s wear area
    • Run Flat tires
    • Pivoting inlet & outlet gates promote safe operation
    • Easy to lift
    • Wheel barrow movement
    • Anti-Tip design

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